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Mostar Sniper Tower is permanently closed.

Mostar Sniper Tower

A former bank seized as a sniper vantage point during the Bosnian War is now a secret graffiti art gallery. 


The towering concrete shell of a building in Bosnia and Herzegovina offers an unmatched view of the surrounding area. Those brave enough to enter the derelict structure are in store for more than just a prime vantage point.

The battered building just outside of Mostar served as a bank during the country’s days in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. There’s no plaque or official acknowledgement of the tower’s infamous history, but its appearance is certainly a reminder of the city’s turmoil in the ‘90s.

Mostar has no shortage of abandoned, bullet-riddled buildings, but the old bank, one of the tallest in the area, is haunted by its especially incendiary role in the Bosnian War. Thanks to its height and impressive view, it had a long tenure as a sniper tower during the siege of Mostar.

The main entrance has been bricked up, but that hasn’t stopped graffiti artists from sneaking in. It’s a popular site for urban exploration and art. Each of the 10 floors has been decorated by the many artists who’ve made their way inside. The artworks are various levels of disturbing, inspirational, and downright bizarre.

Besides a sea of torn ledgers and invoices on the third floor, little remains of the bank itself. The roof is still accessible from a ladder on the 10th floor. It offers an exclusive view of Mostar and the surrounding hills. Those who don’t want to enter can enjoy the graffiti around the base of the tower.

Know Before You Go

Entry is not encouraged by the city of Mostar, but if you are planning to enter, you can hop in around the back. Wear good shoes as there is broken glass everywhere, and take care not to fall off the stairwell or down the elevator shaft. The basement is completely flooded, so rubber boots, a torch, and a mask would be advisable.

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