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Mount Irish Extraterrestrial Petroglyph Site

Many believe these images represent interstellar lifeforms.  


Area51 is surrounded by all kinds of extraterrestrial-related places to visit. There is the black mailbox, the Al’le inn, and the alien research center. But, not far from the famous Extraterrestrial Highway is also a set of petroglyphs that some believe depict E.Ts and UFOs. 

The petroglyphs are located at Mout Irish and consist of a pair of closely situated images of what is called the Pahranagat Man and the UFO.

The former, which seems to be depicted several times in the area is unique to this site, with no similar depictions of humanoids being found anywhere else in the area. The latter looks very much like a classical flying saucer with a round base and a dome on top.

What these petroglyphs mean is anyone’s guess. Could it be interstellar lifeforms or just a case of overanalyzing?

Know Before You Go

The site is freely accessible through a barbed wire fence that leads down Logan Canyon road, just north of Crystal Springs. You can open the fence, but don't forget to close it when you are through. 

After the fence, it's an eight-mile drive on a rocky dirt road. It's perfectly doable with a normal car, but you won't be able to go faster than 20 mph.

Once there, you will be greeted with a large sign and a metal box containing a map and information a few hundred feet further. The Pahranagat man is located at site V on the map.

Please do not touch the petroglyphs or disturb the area in any way.

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