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Museum of Odd

The quirky collection includes treasures like Elvis' underwear, Bob Barker's toothbrush, and hundreds of sock monkeys. 


Randy Walker has been collecting the “odd” since he was 12 years old. His collection, which spans several decades and regions, fills his home, which doubles as the Museum of Odd.

Step inside, and you’ll find shelves and tables packed with a bizarre blend of trinkets. Though Walker’s house is no more than a few rooms, the collection is vast and varied.

Walker finds many of these strange treasures through “junking,” combing through antique stores or garage sales. When deciding what to add to his collection, his only requirement is that the object has to be a little weird.

Walker is particularly drawn to objects made from “nothing.” This includes hundreds of sock monkeys, bottlecap people, aluminum cans turned into blossoming flowers, toothpick cabinets, and more. But Walker also has a fair amount of celebrity memorabilia: Bob Barker’s toothbrush, a rock Helen Keller touched, Elvis’s underwear and DNA, and even the signature of Charles Manson.

Those are just a few unusual items you’ll spot. You’ll also find vintage clothing, bezoars, and a piece of elephant poop painted like Adolf Hitler (Adolf Shitler). While he has received some backlash about his strange collection, in an interview Walker said that “you need to express yourself however you want to express yourself and not be afraid.”

Know Before You Go

Tours are by appointment, and donations are suggested. Message Walker on Facebook for details.

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