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The Musical Manhole Cover

This gateway to subterranean Hanover plays jazz, pop and rock to surprised passersby.  


Opposite Hannover Hauptbahnhof there is a manhole cover like no other. Situated in the Ernst-August-Platz, hidden beneath the seemingly normal metal plate lies two loudspeakers, an amplifier, and a CD player, piping music to the world above. The “DJ Gulleyman” as it is known, can only be heard within a few meters of the manhole, and there is no sign or mark at street level of what is making the music or why. 

Installed as part of the 2000 renovation of the area, architect Timm Ohrt wanted to create a piece of unusual and playful art for the people of Hannover to enjoy. The music is split into day and night playlists of 12 hours and is refreshed every month, meaning this tiny disco is open 24/7. 

Know Before You Go

The manhole cover is directly opposite Hannover Central Station, across the Ernst-August Gallerie. It is situated close to the City Model statue.

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