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Picking through the piles of valves, gauges, and old school hydraulic equipment, you kick yourself for skipping that rocketry class you’d been meaning to take.

You’ve managed to find everything you needed for your home brewing kit, but you really wish you had an excuse to pick up this Gemini mini thruster. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be impressed with the liquid-fueled rocket propulsion system you just tripped over, and you will find the components to any mad scientist project you could possibly be cooking up. 

Norton Sales, Inc. is technically a supplier of Aerospace and Industrial supplies, but its proximity to Hollywood makes it a popular place for prop, FX and stunt techs as well. FX artists and Aerospace professionals alike can browse the vast aisles of bins and barrels digging for that perfect pressure relief valve or elusive thrust chamber to make whatever they’re working on GO. A fairly well-kept industry secret but open to the general public, Norton Sales, Inc. is essentially a “Space Junkyard”, a treasure trove of lunar module program pressure regulators, bits and pieces of titanium, and countless other doodads for all of your experimental engineering needs. 

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January 27, 2014

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