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Pink Elephant Antique Mall

Livingston, Illinois

Oversized statues are just the tip of this nostalgic Americana roadside attraction.  


This quirky roadside attraction puts all its Americana bells and whistles outside to lure in road-tripping, break-needing travelers. While driving by, you can’t help but notice the large pink elephant statue, an original 1960s Futuro House, and an ice cream shop shaped like an ice cream cone. 

It’s well worth stopping for a quick photo of just these outside features alone. Not only do they catch your eye, but they also pay a nostalgic homage to the many strange, kitschy roadside attractions lining the historic roads of the United States.

Looking closely at the UFO-shaped abode lets you take in the details of what may be one of the strangest housing developments ever attempted. While this one is not nearly as complete as some of the other houses out there, you’ll get a close and personal chance to see this odd accommodation in all its weird beauty. The site also features an authentic “muffler man,” now wearing a Harley-Davidson shirt.

Step inside the old converted gym these unusual outside structures advertise, and you’re in for an additional dose of nostalgia. A sprawling flea market fills the space, so you can spend hours and hours wandering among the many trinkets and tiny antique treasures. A newly added Route 66 diner takes a stab at providing a 50s experience, sans roller skates and poodle skirts.

Know Before You Go

Can be accessed at I-55 exits, both before and after the mall location.

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