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Noviken VLF Transmitter

Large military radio station without transmitting towers. 


The most remarkable object at a radio station is typically the radio tower, which either carries the antennas or forms the antenna itself. But in some cases, no tower is required. One example is Noviken VLF Transmitter, a military radio station in Norway. It’s used by the Norwegian Army for transmitting messages to submerged submarines. The messages are transmitted on 16.4 kHz using the callsign JXN.

To move its messages, the Noviken Transmitter uses as antenna several wire spans between two large rocks with the spans directly anchored to the stone. Such antennas were used in earlier days by other stations. The former OMEGA Transmitter in Aldra, for example, had a similar antenna and also the former OMEGA station in Hawaii. Today, there are similar VLF transmitters on Tavolara Island, Italy and in Oso, Washington, USA.. Latter is known as Jim Creek Naval Radio Station.

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