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Red Beach at Mjelle

According to the locals, the sands of this secluded Norway beach are infused with gemstone particles. 


The military-associated town of Bodø is not known as the most lovely location in Norway. That is because many visitors do not take the time to explore the natural wonders it has to offer, such as the Red Beach at Mjelle, which is said to take its color from jewel dust. 

About a 15-minute drive out of the city, Mjelle Beach is a popular swimming spot in the summer, but its colors are what make it a real attraction. The beach is made up of both red and white sand, so the hues along the shore vary depending on how recent winds and tides have changed the ratio of the grains. The red sands seem to be heavier, so it’s likely that they will be more exposed after a strong storm. On some days, the beach becomes such a deep red that it is almost purple.

While there is no clear explanation for the vibrant coloration, the locals say that the sand gets its color from garnet particles. It could be a number of minerals that give the beach its iconic character, but regardless of the true culprit, it is nice to think of an entire beach laced with vaporized gemstones. 

Know Before You Go

It's about a 15 minute drive out of Bodø, and then a short walk along the shoreline.

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March 24, 2015

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