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Odinstårnet (Odin Tower)

A model memorial to the original Odin Tower, the second highest tower in Europe before it was sabotaged by Danish Nazis.  


During its short life, the Odinstårn, or Odin Tower, was the second highest tower in Europe, second only to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Built in 1935, it was sabotaged by Danish Nazis on December 14, 1944 in revenge for the Danish sabotage against the Germans in Odense.

The original tower was 177 meters high, built of residual materials from the construction of the New Lillebælts bridge by an engineer named Theobald Weber. The Odin Tower was inaugurated May 29, 1935 by then-Crown Prince Frederik.

The tower stood on a 625 square meter foundation. The first platform was 106 meters above sea level. The platform contained among other things a star-shaped restaurant, which seats 160 visitors. 

In 2004 a model of Odinstårnet was built at the site where the original tower was located. The model, which stands 12 meters high, was built as a memorial to the fallen tower. 

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