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P.S. 15, Patrick F. Daly School

School named after its beloved principal, killed in the cross-fire of a drug related shooting. 


The beloved principal of P.S. 15 was known throughout south Brooklyn for his dedication to his students and their families. 

The neighborhood reeled in 1992 when principal Patrick F. Daly was killed in the cross-fire of a drug related shooting. He had entered the projects looking for a pupil who had left the school and could not be found. 

Daly’s death was not in vain though. The tragedy dramatically demonstrated the truth of a 1988 Life Magazine cover story: Red Hook was “crack capital of America.” City Hall took new interest in the neighborhood now that it was back in the national spotlight. A flood of investment in community programs met the newly inspired community organizing from residents. The incident is remembered as a tragedy that started the revitalization of a historic waterfront community.

Today, thanks to Daly’s hard work and legacy, P.S. 15 is a progressive school where kids learn by doing, classes are intimate, and teachers work together. The Community Justice Center around the corner wouldn’t have been possible without Daly’s legacy. 

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August 5, 2011

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