Flipper Muzeum – Budapest, Hungary - Atlas Obscura

Pinball may not have the same high cultural profile that it once enjoyed, but in lovingly curated museums around the world such as Hungary’s Pbal Gallery, the balls still zip and the flippers still flip like the pastime never went out of style.

Located in a basement under a downtown residential building in Budapest is a heaven of pinball gamers. Started by a pair of avid pinball enthusiasts, the little museum is packed with rows of classic pinball machines, all in working order and free to play.

Among the dozens of machines on display in the museum, one of the standouts is the rare Mesovonat machine, which stands as the only known Hungarian-made pinball machine. The owners of the museum are even trying to track down the mysterious designer of the hometown amusement. 

Purchasing a ticket gives visitors the opportunity to play the games as much as they would like for the entire day, ensuring that there will be more pinball drams for generations to follow. 

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