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Pie Town

Pie Town, New Mexico

This popular pitstop lives up to its name. 


In the early 1920s, Clyde Norman started a bakery making dried-apple pies, selling to ranchers who traveled through on The Driveway, a famous cattle path that ran from Western Arizona through New Mexico to the Magdalena trail head, some 120 miles. His bakery was the only building at the time, but soon “Norman’s Place” was the site of a town, one built by homesteaders moving west for free land, and that the residents decided to name Pie Town.

Just like those early cowboys, truckers, backpackers, and assorted travelers go out of their way to visit Pie-O-Neer PIES or Pie Town Pies (now Pie Town Ohana Cafe) for flavors such as blueberry-butterscotch and apple-cranberry-walnut. Several times during its history, Pie Town’s bakeries have closed. But every time, residents of the small, scrappy town have come to the rescue, opening or re-opening establishments to ensure Pie Town is never without pie.

Know Before You Go

If one pie place is closed, walk down the street and try the other one.

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