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Pioneer Saloon

Goodsprings, Nevada

The wild west is still alive and well at this authentic mining town watering hole. 


Nevada’s Pioneer Saloon doesn’t just look like an old-timey saloon, it really began as one. 

The historic landmark of Pioneer Saloon in dusty Goodsprings, Nevada may as well be the template for every Western bar ever depicted. Built by businessman George Fayle in 1913, the bar and its attendant general store quickly became the centerpiece of town, drawing locals and celebrities alike and is now the oldest working saloon in Nevada. Legendary actor Clark Gable once spent three days in the saloon waiting for word on the fate of his wife Carole Lombard, after a disastrous plane accident. Lombard tragically died in the crash and some say her spirit occasionally appears at the saloon, looking to console her grieving husband.

There’s plenty of memorabilia to see including some original newspaper clippings, bullet holes, and the unique stamped tin exterior walls of the saloon, manufactured by Sears & Roebuck. 

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