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Promenade du Peyrou

This plaza is home to a number of works, including Montpellier‘s own Arc de Triomphe.  


On the outskirts of the Ecusson neighborhood of Montpellier, the Promenade du Peyrou is a favorite among the people of Montpellier and visitors to the city. It is home to Montpellier‘s own Arc de Triomphe, also known as the Porte du Peyrou.

The promenade is laid out to contain the marble arch, along with several other large works. The Porte du Peyrou is a monument to King Louis XIV of France. It was designed in 1690 by the French architect François d’Orbay, who played a role in creating some of France’s most iconic landmarks, such as Versailles. The arch has four reliefs, which show major events from Louis XIV’s reign. Nearby, a statue of Louis XIV on horseback was erected in 1718.

Other works include a neoclassical water tower, an ornate cistern located at the end of the 18th-century aqueduct used to bring the city’s water over 14 kilometers from the Saint-Clément spring. 

The park was completed in 1774, the date of Louis XVI’s accession to the throne, by Jean Giral, the architect. Today, the Promenade du Peyrou offers a panoramic view of the city, the ancient arches of a Roman aqueduct, the Porte du Peyrou, and the surrounding area. 

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Located on the western edge of the Old Town.

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