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The older parts of Pune have been divided into several wards or localities and are called Peths. In these parts of the city, one often comes across very old structures, quietly tucked away behind charming archways. Step through them and visitors can find the tranquil courtyards of mansions or temples, which exude an aura of peacefulness, right in the middle of the city. 

In the ward of Somwar Peth, there is a medieval Lord Shiva temple known as Nageshwar Temple or Shree Nageshwar Shiva Temple, which has existed since the times of Saint Dnyaneshwar and Saint Tukaram.  

The word Nageshwar means “The God of Serpents,” another name for Lord Shiva. The main stone sanctum has Hemadpanti architecture from the Yadava period and the temple’s original foundation dates back to the 14th century. The outer wooden congregation hall is from the Peshwa era and was built in the 18th century by Aba Shelukar, a Pune moneylender.

Visitors enter the temple through a beautiful archway topped with rooms and windows. Inside, there is a peaceful courtyard and the temple stands in the center. Around the main temple, there are other shrines dedicated to other deities, as well as two deepstambhs (tall stone pillars for lighting lamps) in the courtyard.

The temple complex is located close to Nagzari, a stream that was once a source of water for the early settlements in this area. The complex used to have a water reservoir and it was believed that its water could cure leprosy.

The temple was recently restored by city authorities and has now been declared a protected heritage structure by the State Archaeological Survey of India.

Know Before You Go

This temple is located in Somwar Peth, a short distance from Trishund Ganpati Temple.

From Trishund Ganpati Temple, head east, then take the lane which heads south. Nageshwar Temple is located along this lane.

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