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Plane Wreck of Heritage Park is permanently closed.

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Plane Wreck of Heritage Park

Mission, British Columbia

Mysterious wreckage of a small plane has been lodged in this tree since at least 1971. 


Along one of the winding forest trails between Heritage Park and the Westminster Abbey, you’ll find the mysterious wreckage of a single seater plane wedged into the branches of a tree. The crash consists of what appears to be the cockpit roof, and possibly a wing. Many locals have never seen it, and no one can rightly say what happened or why it was never cleaned up.  Though it has graffiti and signatures on the plane dating back to 1971 it may have been moved, making its origin even harder to pinpoint. 

Update April 2024: The pieces are no longer in the tree. The plane crash was cleared out.

Know Before You Go

Head towards the St Mary's residential school from Heritage Park, and take the trailhead closest to the school. From there you'll take the first trail coming off the main path on the right. Follow this trail (sticking to the right at any junctions) and it won't take you more than 30 minutes to find it. Be aware for other trail users. These trails are popular with locals for hiking, dog walking, and mountain biking. The trails are maintained by Fraser Valley Mountain Bike Association volunteers.

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