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Pomze Paris is permanently closed.

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Pomze Paris

Got apples? 


The team at the Pomze Paris restaurant in France are so obsessed with apples that they have built their entire menu around the fruit, which can be found as the core ingredient in every single starter, main course, and somewhat unsurprisingly, the dessert- that’s 120 dishes, to be exact.

The drinks list revolves around apples and includes some interesting ciders and liquors that use the perfect regional pomze. Add to this apple experience, the apple-themed art, and… who ever said that themed parties were overrated?

Based in central Paris, the restaurant is housed in a converted traditional-looking Haussmann style apartment, with regular favorites including a gazpacho with granny smith apple ice cubes.

Their motto? “Laissez-vous tenter et entrez dans le monde de la pomme,” which translates to “Let yourself be tempted and enter into the world of apples.”

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