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Mexica Fort on Punta Cometa

Local lore claims this rocky cape hides a lost Aztec treasure. 


“Oaxacan Riviera” is the name given to a stretch of the state’s southern coastline along the Pacific, noted for its many “eco-boutique” beach hotels and bohemian atmosphere. But its history goes back much further.

Prior to the Spanish conquest, the Mexica inhabitants of the region built a military post atop this mound owing to its viewpoint over the surrounding waters and beaches. Given this historical context, locals maintain it was the hiding place of a lost Aztec treasure. An enclosure of elevated earth and grass, known as “The Stone Corral,” is all that remains of the post’s walls. Modern-day rituals for dates like the equinoxes and solstices are centered in this area.

Much like many other sites with indigenous ruins, New Age spirituality is drawn to the “vibes” of La Punta. These vibes are crucial to the daily rituals that occur on the top of this promontory. Owing to it being surrounded by the ocean on three sides, sunsets and sunrises are particularly spectacular. The most popular of these are the sunsets (because sleeping in and beach holidays go hand in hand, after all) but it’s not rare to see groups of people on yoga retreats saluting the Sun, or beach bums, tourists, and locals appreciating the view together, clapping and cheering when the Sun makes it last (or first) appearance for the day.

Know Before You Go

The top of Punta Cometa can be reached via an approximately half-hour trek from Mazunte over somewhat rough terrain. The trek is not illuminated, so be careful when returning after sunset. During the daytime, fauna that can be seen on the trek includes iguanas, marine birds flying overhead, and the occasional coati. Large numbers of harmless bats become active at sundown. Several whale species can sporadically be seen from the Punta during their migration season from December to March.

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