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Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

Inside, ancient treasures. Outside, modern contradictions. 


At Pyramid Hill, ancient sculptures from Egypt, Rome and Greece reside in a 10,000 square foot display room. They are just the beginning of what curators hope will someday be a complete history of sculpture. 

Until the attain that lofty goal, they compliment what they have so far with contradiction–a remarkable collection of strikingly modern work, all of it displayed outdoors. Laid out across meadows, forest spaces, and a collection of lush gardens, large modern sculptures break up the natjral scenery with their abstract profiles. 

The park was created by philanthropist Harry T. Wilks, who once called the property home. He had quite a number of buyers interested in the property, but he decided that preserving the natural beauty of the grounds couldn’t be trusted in the hands of a private owner, so he created a non-profit and donated the land to the org, protecting it from private developers. Now that the land was safe, he decided to combine the earthy vision with another passion of his–art. 

Wilks began visiting local sculptures and buying up everything that caught his eye. By 1996, he had amassed enough pieces to present the sculpture park’s grand opening. In no time, the unusual art park was buzzing with tourists and busses full of school children. It now gets several thousand visitors every year, and is constantly adding to the vast collection, both inside, and outside.

Know Before You Go

The entrance is off of St Rt 128 where you will pass beneath a large bright red sculpture.

Current Hours: Monday-Sunday 9am - 5pm

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December 4, 2015

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