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Ramree Island

Ramree, Myanmar (Burma)

The island that holds the world-record for largest human massacre caused by animals. 


Ramree Island is located right off the coast of the Rakhine State, Myanmar and its white beaches and swaying palms are the perfect slice of heaven that every island should be. However, its infamous place in the history books comes from eye witness reports of an animals-gone-wild style massacre during World War II.

According to historical interviews, anywhere between 500 to 1,000 retreating Japanese soldiers were devoured by a large infestation of saltwater crocodiles as the troops entered the marshes and mangroves that surround Ramree. Only around 20 of the men emerged to be captured by the pursuing forces. The survivors immediately began spewing tales of reptilian monsters, horrible screams, and agonizing death.  Due to a fair amount of press corroboration of the military tragedy, Ramree has the distinct honor of being host to the “Greatest Disaster Suffered by Humans Due to Animals” in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Local residents dispute the legends of the frenzied feast that haunt their island to this day, but it is true that the highly territorial saltwater crocodiles do still live in alarming numbers around Ramree Island and they are not picky eaters. The beasts can and will eat almost anything that crosses their path including wayward humans. As the number of crocodiles in the area continues to grow, so does the death toll of their unsuspecting human prey.

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