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Ras Angela

Ras Angela, Tunisia

The northernmost point of continental Africa—or is it? 


Ras Angela, or Cape Angela, is a rocky head that juts out into the Mediterranean Sea. A lovely picnic spot, it also just so happens to be the northernmost point of continental Africa—as noted by a monumental map just off the rocky coastline.

Until 2014, nearby Ras al-Abyad, or Cape Blanc, had been considered the northernmost point of continental Africa. Despite being merely eight kilometers (five miles) away, the mistake persisted until the Tunisian tourism ministry declared Ras Angela the northernmost location and invested in making it a small destination.

But the contest may not be resolved: a short walk east of the monument, there is another head that goes a few meters further north. Furthermore, at low tide, a corridor of land breaches the water to connect this head to an islet. If this were to be considered part of continental Africa, it would place the northernmost point even further north. 

All these locations are in Tunisia, and so is the northernmost point of (non-continental) Africa, which is the northernmost point of the northernmost island of the Galite Archipelago.

Know Before You Go

You can take a taxi or louage (shared minibus) from the town of Bizerte to the scenic point, but you’ll need to walk the final sandy stretch to the coast. The point is also known as Ras ben Sakka.

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