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Rębielice Królewskie Wind Turbine

Kłobuck County, Poland

Oldest wind turbine in Europe, constructed in 1932. 


The 26 year personal project of Józef Antos, it is said that the wind turbine at Rębielice Królewskie is the largest metal turbine in Europe.  Design began in 1978 and it first generated power in 2004.

The turbine has a rotor of 300 blades and is 33 meters in diameter.  It sits on a rotating control room and steel tower that is 54 meters tall.  It delivers 35 kilowatts of power with a wind speed of 2 meters/second and up to 2000 kilowatts of power when the wind speed increases to 14 meters/second.

As of 2015, the turbine is no longer operational.

The village of Rębielice Królewskie is in the administrative district of Gmina Popów in southern Poland. The regional capital of Katowice, the village has a population of less than 1,000.

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