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Redd Foxx Walk Of Fame

An informal walk of fame in front of a Hollywood office building remembers a comedic great and his associates. 


Inclusion on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the most enduring and honored symbols of celebrity around, but there is another, much smaller, and all but forgotten monument to another group of celebrities simply etched into the cement out front of Redd Foxx’s former office building.

The so-called Redd Foxx Walk of Fame is not officially recognized by any plaques or commemorative markers, but some of the names and marks crudely scrawled into the concrete of this site are comedic legends. Located in front of a modern office building at 933 North La Brea in West Hollywood, the few slabs of otherwise unremarkable sidewalk cement that are left over from Redd Foxx’s heyday are marked with signatures, dates, and even hand and footprints. The imprints were made when the former building stood, housing Redd Foxx Productions.

The marks were left not only by Foxx himself, but by his Sanford and Son costars and fellow comedians. There is the signature of comedy duo Leo + Skillet, the footprints of LaWanda Page who played Aunt Esther, and the lightly scrawled name of musician Gene “Poo Poo Man” Anderson among others. Some of the names are unknown today, and still others have been lost entirely with sidewalk repair.

It may not have the touristy clout of its big time namesake, but the Redd Foxx Walk of Fame is a must see for true fans of comedy history, or just of Sanford and Son.

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