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Safetyville, USA

A working miniature city designed to teach kids about safety and presumably city planning. 


Unsurprisingly, safety comes first in Safetyville, USA’s miniature replica of Sacramento, California where kids finally have a town scaled to them.

Located in the suburb of Rancho Cordova, Safetyville is a 1/3 size version of the California city complete with fast food restaurants like Taco Bell and McDonald’s, police and fire departments, a TV station, and even a miniature state capitol building. Safetyville was officially opened in 1984 and unlike the surrounding city has undergone very little change.

Safetyville’s three-plus acres are run by the non-profit Safety Center, Inc. and is geared towards awareness education in young children from the ages of pre-school to third grade. The decidedly specific safety tips range from learning how to avoid stranger danger to the proper disposal of oil and grease. However there are many programs available like private birthday parties, the family safety and health expo, and the more adult oriented “Taste of the Little City,” which comes with, you guessed it, miniature wine glasses. While definitely not a typical tourist destination, it is family friendly and educational too.

Without a little one in tow, it may look a little weird for adult visitors to just join a tour, so they may want to wait for the “Taste of the Little City” event. No matter how you get there, be sure to take a moment to take in the tiny street lights, law office, and all of the other slightly-off version of the world. Most importantly of course, be safe. 

Know Before You Go

Conveniently located at 3909 Bradshaw Road, Sacramento. Drive 1 & 1/2 miles South of Hwy. 50 on Bradshaw and Safetyville will be on the left side of the street.

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