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Seven Seas Fish Trail

Explore Hull's historic Old Town by following the sea creatures scattered throughout its charmingly cobbled streets. 


Instead of following breadcrumbs to find their way around town, visitors to Hull can instead follow a trail of fish. The aquatic creatures dot the charmingly cobbled streets as part of a tour of Hull’s historic Old Town.

There are 41 pieces of artwork in total, each made of traditional materials. The various specimens are all life-sized, so you can come across anything from a little anchovy to a giant 10-foot ray.

An artist named Gordon Young created the intriguing trail in 1992. It’s a quirky way to entice tourists into exploring Hull’s many historic places. And fittingly, the trail pays tribute to its past as a fishing and whaling hub.

The trail is more than just educational. There are touches of the artist’s sense of humor sprinkled in, too. Keep an eye out for the electric eel fittingly placed outside the electricity sub station and the shark stationed outside a bank.

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For a map of the route, see here.  The route is open all the time.

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