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Seven Tubs at Pinchot State Forest

Narrow gorges and deep pools created by long-ago glaciers. 


To the west of the Poconos nestled in Wilkes-Barre, visitors will find a glacier-cut gorge with a string of waterfalls and pools. This locally-kept secret boasts clear water swimming holes and natural slides. 

This area is named for a series of pools created by glacial meltwater thousands of years ago as it cut across the now Pennsylvania land. The movement and melt from the glaciers cut narrow gorges and deep tubs into the sandstone, now providing many locals with a recreation area.

Just off the parking area, hikers come to a bridge that gives an expansive view of the creek. From the bridge, heading upstream, the trail becomes a bit treacherous but follows along the string of pools and falls until you come to a small bridge overlooking a tunnel. 

Walking the steep path downstream you’ll pass the more accessible pools for swimming.  A natural waterslide is at the base of the stream where it meets another. Heading upstream of this new creek you’ll find more pools as the trail continues.

Update as of March 2024: Temporarily closed indefinitely. 

Know Before You Go

This is a popular spot for families with children. If you want a little more quiet go early or on a cooler day, or be ready to pick up and move to the next pool.

Walking to the main bridge is a quick and easy paved walk from the parking lot, but beyond the bridge there are steep inclines and climbing over rocks. There are some dangerous overlooks and big rocks on this part of the trail.

The water is cold, clear and most of the pools have rocks on the bottom.

Hiking upstream, previous hikers have followed the trail on the right of the tunnel to a wooded section of Pinchot State Forest, but on 7/25/22 the top of that climb had a "private property" sign posted.

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