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Prove you deserve to be fed by Kenny Shopsin. 


Kenny Shopsin’s philosophy is strict, but simple. “They have to prove it to me, that they’re okay to feed.” Returning customers who have already proven their worth to Shopsin rave about the New York diner establishment. He remembers their names and favorite dishes, and gruffly jokes with them over a meal.

If you fall into the category of new patron, here are the rules; carefully choose one of the 900 menu items from chocolate chip pancakes to duck confit, don’t come in with more than four people, wait to be seated (lest you be removed from the premises) and do not give the staff any attitude. Please note that attitude includes asking for recommendations. Besides, there are 900 options, just pick one.

The food and the chef will rarely disappoint and Shopsin’s is a quintessential NY food experience. (Note: If you order only coffee and no food, you will have your ass personally handed to you, as they throw you out the door.)

Update: Kenny Shopsin passed away September 4, 2018.

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It's accessible from J,M,Z Trains at Essex Street Station or F Train at Delancey Street Station.

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