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Skytop Quarry

Jamesville, New York

Abandoned rock quarry now a haven for mountain bikers and hikers. 


Wooded trails and graffitied structures lay beyond the massive pit of this abandoned rock quarry. The pit itself is deep and not always easy to enter with only a few safe paths that lead to the bottom.

The area is extremely barren, but visitors may discover the occasional wrecked/torched car, “art installation” (i.e., doll heads lined up on a log), or remnants of a fire pit and/or party. The emptiness and decay tends to spook visitors, so it is not recommended to travel alone.

According to several websites, the quarry has been used by cyclists so much that it now holds a trail for every type of rider. It has single track gravel paths for beginners and an impressive combination of man-made and natural stunts, hills, drops, bridges, and climbs for more advanced cyclists.

The current legality of the area is unknown, so it is recommended that all visitors proceed with caution. Some commenters on mountain bike message boards have noted that the area is considered off limits and trespassers will be prosecuted.

As of April 2016, it is possible that the site may become an Inland Port. 

Know Before You Go

Take Skytop Road through South Campus until you reach the end. There you will find the Syracuse University Research Park cul-de-sac. Park and walk down the nearby gravel road that is blocked off by a gate. At the end of the road you will find a trailhead. This is the entrance to the quarry.

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