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Stockholm Metro Ventilation Art

Small Easter eggs are hidden in the ventilation holes of the city's newest trains.  


The Stockholm metro has been a staple of the Swedish capital’s public transportation scene since the 1950s. The stations are also home to the world’s longest art gallery and are the center of several ghost stories such as the Kymlinge Ghost Metro Stop. Now, the new C30 trains contribute to Stockholm’s unique metro culture by means of tiny Easter eggs hidden in the train’s ventilation grating. 

When reading about the new trains, most articles focus on the spaciousness of the cars and the train’s energy efficiency. However, few talk about the secret Easter eggs hidden on the trains. 

Different patterns can be found in the metros. The first is a set of three crowns, which is the national emblem of Sweden. The second is a set of play, pause, forward, and reverse buttons that symbolize the ties between Sweden and the global music industry. Then there is a Pacman and three ghosts said to be representative of the Swedish gaming industry. Lastly, there are a few oak leaves and stars.

Know Before You Go

The trains are still being phased in and drive irregularly, your best chance is to find on one the red line. You will need a train ticket to board the metro. 

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