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Tajikistan Tearoom

A slice of central Asia in the middle of Berlin. 


Tajikistan tearoom is an unexpected slice of central Asia in the midst of Berlin. The tearoom was built as a Tajikistan pavilion at one of the Leipzig trade fairs in the 1970s. After the trade fair ended, the pavilion was donated by the Soviet Republic of Tajikistan to their East German hosts.

The tearoom’s lush interior is decorated entirely in a classical Persian style, with carved wooden pillars and thick Persian carpets. Tea and food are served on low wooden tables which are typical of central Asia. Guests sit on the floor, stretched out on comfortable cushions, and visitors are required to take their shoes off before stepping onto the carpet.

Like the country for which it was named, the Tajikistan tearoom is a place where Persian and Russian cultures mix. An old map of Soviet tourist resorts hangs above the counter. And while the selection of tea is oriental, the food on offer is Russian, and a silver Russian samovar - a metal container used for heating water - sits in one corner.

The pavilion once lived inside Berlin’s Palais am Festungsgraben, but has since moved to a new home in the KunstHof, a courtyard lined with galleries and cafes.

Still somewhat hidden from most tourists — the Tajikistan tearoom is an excellent place to get refreshed in the Russian summer.

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Is almost opposite to the Arthouse Tacheles, hidden on the left in the courtyard (im KunstHof). phone: +49 (030) 204 11 12

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