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The 'Full House' House

This private residence was the template for one of the most beloved television homes of all time. 


After captivating audiences for eight years, and helping to propel the Olsen twins into the cultural consciousness, Full House left the air in 1995; however, the adventures of the Tanner family still thrive in the memories of its viewers.

While most of the show took place inside the titular house which was built in a studio, the distinctly San Franciscan home that was used in the opening credits still sits on a quiet residential street. The “Full House house” can be easily accessed by those in the Pacific Heights neighborhood wishing to revisit the fictional home of Uncles Joey and Jesse, and the eye-rolling Tanner girls. There is now a clearly marked “No Trespassing” sign on the gate at the base of the stairwell, and a tree obscures part of the house, but the building is unmistakable.

The color of the door has also changed, but anyone on a sitcom pilgrimage can still be transported back to a time when “Everywhere You Look” was the catchiest song on the tube. The home is still a private residence so respect to the current owners is appreciated. Danny Tanner would have wanted it that way.

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On Broderick between Pine and Bush streets, residential area featuring limited parking.

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