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The Sea Hagg

Cortez, Florida

An eclectic treasure trove of maritime marvels. 


Ever wondered what a hybrid of an antique store and a curiosity shop would look like if it had been run by an artistic pirate? If so, the Sea Hagg may be your answer.

Opened in 1998, the Sea Hagg was perhaps best described as a three-way combination of maritime oddities museum, outsider artwork installation, and nautical antique shop. Owner Jan Holman estimated that her collection included more than $1 million worth of antique mermaids, pirates, sea hags, fishing floats, fish nets, oars, lanterns, coins, buoys, and shells. It’s not clear if that estimate also includes the 16-foot sawfish bill, the seashell-coated African fertility chair,  the “Grandmother Willow” from the Disney film Pocahontas, or the skull-adorned shrimp boat Deanna Belle that was connected to the store.

The iconic Sea Hagg Curiosity Shop closed its doors in 2021, when Jan Hoffman decided to retire. But the Sea Hagg still maintains a presence in the historic fishing village. Tucked in the neighborhood village, you will find the Sea Hagg Inn & Gardens, where you can immerse yourself in the Sea Hagg experience for as long as you want to stay.

Beautifully decorated in a way only the Sea Hagg could do, with nautical antiques and salvage along with handmade art installations, you are sure to have a delightful memorable experience. The inn is a tw0-bedroom, one-bath cottage with fantastic gardens and private outdoor dining.  

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The inn is also available for special events and gatherings.  Emails welcome at 

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