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'The Traveler'

Orlando International Airport

If you don't look closely, you might mistake this sculpture for just another passenger waiting at the airport. 

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American artist Duane Hanson died in 1996, but was renowned for his creations of hyper-realistic statues depicting everyday people. Hanson would make casts of real people in polyester resins with fiberglass, and then spend endless hours painting the figures with extreme detail. Orlando International Airport’s the Traveler is one of two depictions of a sleeping traveler by the artist, who created a similar statue two years later.

The second, however, is a little less airport-appropriate attire, sporting nothing underneath his completely undone shirt. The statues were made of bronze polychromed in oil, found clothing, hair, a duffel bag, a sleeping bag, wooden sticks, and paper tickets.

Know Before You Go

All you need to do to see this 'Traveler' is book a ticket. The statue can be found in the Terminal A concourse between the East and West security points.

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