Union Pond Mill – Manchester, Connecticut - Atlas Obscura

Little history exists about this once-bustling mill. 

It’s believed the site was constructed during the early 1900s as a textile mill that used wool and paper, drawing its source of power from the Hockanum River. Unfortunately, while in operation, it began to pollute the nearby Union Pond and was forced to close.

It was eventually purchased by the Boticello Corporation to be used as a recycling center. However, this plan did not last long and the facility once again closed. The mill is now home to Manchester youth, who utilize the site as a graffiti museum and a makeshift skatepark.

There are rumors that the mill is owned by the CL&P Corporation and is for sale, however, the mill has remained abandoned for quite some time.

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You can no longer drive down the service road as it has been blocked off. However you can still walk around it, so you can park and walk to the entrance.

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