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The Whisperer

This interactive sculpture allows visitors to leave a message in case a friend passes by.  


Artist Daisy Boman crafted these figures to appear as though they were scaling the walls and roof of a warehouse at Godefriduskaai and Willemdok. These all-white, humanoid-like statues easily stand out amid the backdrop of the red brick wall.

Across the street near the dock is another similar figure reclining on a pedestal. This statue is equipped with a small speaker box. Anyone can leave a message to somebody important at the statue using the app De Fluisteraar. The statue then whispers the message back after entering a code. This allows for the intended recipient to come by and replay the message. The sculpture also whispers general messages that are updated every month.

The chosen form of these statues conveys a strong message about equality. According to Boman, the shapes of the body and rectangular heads of the statues represent people in their most primitive state. Their colorless nature represents hope, life, but also mourning and pain.

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