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The Witches Garden

Mitta Mitta, Australia

The largest collection of medicinal plants in Australia is also home to a witch who will show you how to use them. 


Journey through the green hills and cold, clear streams of the Mitta Valley long enough, and you’ll come across a tranquil haven with a misleadingly sinister name.

The sprawling landscape known as the Witches Garden is set on four acres of soil so fertile “you can plant a chicken feather and grow a chook!” As a result, this garden is full to the brim with life, and resided over by a local witch who lives in a cottage on-site which itself doubles as a witchcraft museum and broomstick gallery.

Broken into several gardens, the grounds are immaculately maintained and superbly planned. The flower garden flows naturally onto the Physician’s garden, which contains the largest collection of medicinal plants in Australia. Beyond the Physician’s Garden, there is a lovely hedge maze, at the center of which is a newly-established poisons garden. This is not to be confused with the edible garden, which is home to Stick and Twig, the two friendly Tawny Frogmouth owls who watch dutifully from amongst the foliage.

Past the light-flooded art gallery (complete with a tree growing through the centre), you’ll come to the cottage of the witch herself, surrounded by rose bushes, close to a  Monet bridge and large circle fountain. Knock loud, and watch out overhead for broomsticks!

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