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Toys of Eros

This stimulating sex toy museum is sure to arouse the interest of its visitors. 


Provincetown may just be the most sexually liberated town in the United States. For decades, it has served as a hot vacation spot for members of the LGBTQ+ community to relax in the shining sun during the day and party in the vibrant streets at night. But in the spirit of P-Town’s pride and acceptance, there’s still a fun history lesson to be had—albeit one you likely didn’t learn in school.

Nestled on Commercial Street is Toys of Eros, a sex toy museum that doubles as a sex toy emporium. Walking through the doors, visitors are greeted with a thorough and extensive exhibit that chronicles the history of sex toys, from modern times to before the common era.

The museum is the brainchild of Maxine Kroll, an anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist who wanted to offer customers a chance to learn something new as they shopped. Kroll’s tireless efforts to preserve and present the history of such a private endeavor may seem humorous at first, but the museum offers a deeply interesting dive into the history of how humans have created and used sex toys throughout history. Where else in the world could you find an authentic vibrator from 1899, ancient penis rings made of goat eyelids, and actual coins used to pay prostitutes in ancient Rome? There’s nothing taboo about a little education!

If Kroll’s museum wasn’t enough to satisfy your curiosity (or even if it gave you some new ideas), the museum is part of her adult toy store, which has hundreds of different types of items for both men and women.

Know Before You Go

The museum itself is free to the public, but due to the explicit adult nature of the store, do be mindful about bringing in young children. 

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