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Valerie Hobson Mural

A vibrant portrait celebrates the actress in her hometown. 


Valerie Hobson was born on April 14, 1917, in Larne. Her father was a captain in the Royal Navy, and at an early age took her and her mother over to England to live. From the very beginning, it seemed Hobson was destined to join Hollywood, as she was enrolled in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts before she was even 11 years old.

Hobson went on to appear in many great classic films during the 1930s and 1940s, including Bride of Frankenstein, Werewolf of London, and Kind Heart and Coronets. She enjoyed roles alongside greats such as Boris Karloff and Henry Hull. Hobson was described by many as a quintessentially English darling, even though she hailed from Ireland.

Although her skill as an actress is well known, there was also another story that thrust her name into the limelight. After her marriage to Sir Anthony Havelock-Allan ended in 1952, Hobson later married John Profumo, an English MP at the time. Her marriage to Profumo was met with huge media attention in 1963 when it was revealed that Profumo was part of an illicit scandal involving cheating politicians, sexual revelations, Russians, spying, and drug abuse. 

Hobson also raised funds for many charities involving the poor and children with disabilities. She died  November 13, 1998, at the age of 81 and was cremated with her ashes being interred in the family vault in Hersham, England.

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The mural is located in the town center at the end of Point Street, near the Lower Cross Street and High Street.

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