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Verbeke Foundation

Kemzeke, Belgium

A collection of weird and wonderful art fills a former houseplant nursery. 


Close to the highway linking Knokke to Antwerp, you’ll find the wonderfully wild Verbeke Foundation. It’s a private collection of art, collected by Geert Verbeke en Carla Verbeke-Lens, put together on the terrain of a former houseplant nursery.

The former greenhouses are now filled with huge pieces of art and installations that are left to interact freely with the surroundings—think metal sculptures of animals overgrown with plants, a video installation about water with the screen altered by raindrops leaking through the ceiling, and a pile of cow bones overgrown with mosses.

There are some buildings with collage art and temporary exhibitions, and there are things to see and discover in every corner. You’ll find gritty containers filled with artworks of the near-totally destroyed weird and wondrous collection of Jacobus Kloppenburg.

You can do more than just pass through the museum, as there are accommodations within the complex. There’s an installation in the shape of an anus and intestines that you can sleep in. There’s also accommodation available in a camping flat and in an artwork called Blob, which gives you the unforgettable experience of experiencing the museum park at night in an ever-changing sub-universe.

Know Before You Go

The museum is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11 to 6 and is open Tuesday and Wednesday by appointment-only.

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