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Places visited in Campinas, Brazil
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Jardim Anapolis, Brazil

Dedo de Deus

Known as the "Finger of God," a dramatic rock formation resembles a divine hand extending towards the heavens.
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Museum of Astronomy and Related Sciences

This Brazilian astronomy museum allows guests to gaze at the stars through their telescopes each weekend.
Santo André, Brazil

Paranapiacaba Train Station

The remains of a British railway rusting in the jungle mist of a Brazilian mountainside.

Viaduct Petrobras

An abandoned stretch of elevated road in the middle of the Brazilian jungle.
Ubatuba, Brazil

Hidden Madonna Altar

A secret Virgin Mary tucked away on a Brazilian beach.
São Paulo, Brazil

Museum of Japanese Immigration in Brazil

Its collection details the experiences of the largest Japanese community outside Japan.
São Paulo, Brazil

Hotel Unique

A huge boat-shaped hotel with a blood red pool and other oddities.
Campinas, Brazil

Torre do Pássaro

A giant bird sits atop a tower at one of the largest shopping centers in Brazil.
Manduri, Brazil

The Capuchin Monkeys of Manduri

In the Manduri reserve of Sao Paulo, you can see the endangered black-horned capuchin monkey up close.
Curitiba, Brazil

Museu Oscar Niemeyer

Museum precariously perched on a massive yellow pillar.
Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

Itaipu Dam

As one of the world's largest hydroelectric dams this plant took two countries to get built.
Ichigualasto, Argentina


Massive rock sculptures formed during the time of the dinosaurs still stand undisturbed.
Aureilhan, France

Lake Aureilhan

Winston Churchill painted this lake during his stay Woolsack Castle in the Landes forest.
Linköping, Sweden

'The Swedish Melancholy'

Look closely, and you'll see this rusty man is crying.
Finspång NO, Sweden

Site of Doverstorp Refugee Camp

A few crumbling buildings and the occasional pipe sticking out of the ground are all that remains of the largest refugee camp in Sweden during World War II.