One of the worst parts of the holidays … untangling the lights. (Photo: Joseph Nadler/flickr)

Folks seem so flummoxed by their knotted piles of holiday lights that a Tesco supermarket is launching the UK’s first ever Christmas light untangling service—and currently hiring for the position.

Exceptionally gifted cord untanglers should check out the job posting, which is accepting applications until November 19. Job description details for Tesco’s designated “Christmas Light Untangler” are provided on the careers page of the British grocery chain. Located in Wrexham, Wales, the part-time position offers a “competitive salary” and a 36-hour week.

Responsibilities include manning and managing the Christmas Lights Untangling stand as well as being knowledgable about the service being offered. The ideal candidate should be able to untangle three meters of Christmas lights in under three minutes. They should also be passionate about Christmas. 

A Christmas Light Untangler's worse nightmare... or greatest delight?

A Christmas Light Untangler’s worse nightmare… or greatest delight? (Photo: Stacie/flickr)

If you can’t afford a Christmas Light Untangler, online detangling tutorials might be able to help. Either way, the most important thing to remember when untangling lights is to put on your favorite holiday music and pull up your comfiest armchair.

Looks like demand for this service extends far beyond Wrexham. Take television chef Rachel Ray, who recently admitted (while revealing a fantastic Christmas light trick) that she’s gotten so frustrated with tangled lights that she’s thrown out perfectly good sets and bought brand new ones.

Rachel Ray is undoubtedly not the only one guilty of this. Untangling lights is clearly a challenge that overwhelms countless well-wishers eager to celebrate the holidays. All things considered, it’s really about time that stores started hiring staff for Christmas Light Untangling.

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Update, 11/10. The town of Wrexham, where a Christmas light untangler is being sought, is located in Wales, not England. We regret the error.