Zhang alone on the plane.

Zhang living the dream. (Photo: Miffyscat/Weibo)

Ill-timed snowstorms in eastern and central China have wreaked havoc on Chinese New Year plans, stranding tens of thousands of travelers in train stations and airports. A couple of days ago, though, one lucky woman waited out the crush and had the opposite experience—an airplane all to herself.

After surviving a 10-hour delay at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, the woman, whose last name is Zhang, got some good news: everyone else had switched to earlier flights, and her patience had been rewarded with an essentially private journey. As People’s Daily reports, Zhang took to the social network Weibo to share the journey: “I am the ONLY passenger on board with the whole crew! Just like a Lombardi!”

Zhang with her new friends.

Zhang with her new friends. (Photo: Miffyscat/Weibo)

Zhang spent the flight as any of us would: taking Vanna White selfies with the empty seats, switching from row to row, and sharing a bag of oranges with the pilot. When she landed in Ghangzhou after two hours of pure bliss and freedom, she was also the only passenger on the shuttle bus—less glamorous, but we’d take that, too.

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