You shouldn’t cry over spilt wine, of course, but that hasn’t stopped Spain from launching an angry protest after French farmers hijacked trucks at the border and dumped out gallons of cheap Spanish wine.

The tragedy unfolded Monday, according to Agence France-Presse, at a crossing near La Boulou, in southern France, where farmers hijacked several trucks in a dispute over what the farmers are calling unfair competition.

The attack, Frederic Rouanet, the president of the Aude winemakers’ union, said, may be the first of several.

“We are protecting our products,” he told AFP.

The Spanish government complained that the French authorities turned a blind eye to the hijackings, which have sparked a minor diplomatic kerfuffle between the countries. 

The dumped wine was set to be sold in bulk for the equivalent of $34-$45 per hundred liters, according to The Local

Very cheap wine, indeed.