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Bakewell Pudding

A sweet and sticky accident from Derbyshire, England.

Bakewell pudding is said to have been invented following a culinary accident in the mid-19th century at the White Horse Inn (now the Rutland Arms Hotel) in Bakewell, England. As the story goes, a cook failed to follow instructions and spread the egg-and-almond paste on top of a pastry base instead of mixing it in. The result was a hit, and has become a signature treat of the Derbyshire town.

Bakewell pudding is essentially a puff pastry with jam-covered base that gets overlaid with a filling of egg and ground almonds. It’s somewhat similar in texture to an egg custard, but nothing really compares to the sweet, sticky, and nutty experience of Bakewell’s much-prized product.

Many Brits have not heard of Bakewell pudding and even fewer have tried it. Importantly, it should never be confused with the more well-known Bakewell tart, which has a jam-covered shortcut pastry base, a sponge filling, and sometimes icing on top. These can be found everywhere in the United Kingdom, as they are commonly mass-produced. Locals will tell you that the delicious pudding is the traditional Bakewell product, some going as far to call the tart an impostor. One must admit that the neat, cake-like tart is probably nicer to look at, but the pudding delivers the sweeter, richer flavors.

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