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21 Lost and Lonely Cemeteries

From overgrown graveyards to urban legends, these burial places are haunting—and possibly haunted.

Few things are eerier than a forgotten cemetery—grave markers standing forlorn and lost, often in places where few visitors dare to trek. Some have been reclaimed by nature, while others are simply lonely burial sites filled with mystery and, sometimes, strange occurrences. 

In a small village cemetery on the banks of the Danube River in Kisiljevo, Serbia rests the remains of an alleged vampire, Petar Blagojevic. After he died in 1725, several deaths occurred in the village, which prompted people to believe Blagojevic had risen from the dead. In the oft-snow-covered landscape of Eureka, Utah resides the Silver City Cemetery, one of the last remains of a once-booming mining town that vanished as quickly as it started. From cemeteries hidden deep within forests to the final resting place of a stagecoach robber, here are 21 burial places that have been left behind.