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12 Restaurants Hidden in Museums Around the Globe

Come for the exhibitions, stay for the excellent food and drink.

While some museum curators view dining options as an afterthought, others treat food as an integral part of their overall vision. Lurking in some of the world’s greatest museums are casual cafés and grand eateries that are on par with the art and exhibitions. In some cases, the restaurant’s menu is a thoughtful extension of the museum’s overarching concept—think pre-colonial cuisine and indigenous staple dishes at museums dedicated to Native American history. Others, like an exceptional spot in Taiwan, recreate some of their most famous pieces in edible form.

From a restaurant tucked away in Delhi’s National Crafts Museum that features rare regional Indian dishes to a carb-loaded buffet in Portugal’s museum dedicated to bread, many of these restaurants proudly represent their host country’s national cuisine. And others—like the world’s oldest museum restaurant, housed in a jaw-dropping, high-ceilinged Victorian space—are simply stunning to behold. Of course, food museums often have terrific gastronomic options. What better way to end a trip to a ramen museum and theme park than by slurping up a bowl of tonkotsu?