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Camlann Village

Carnation, Washington

This medieval village/restaurant perpetually celebrates the year 1376. 


This living history museum strives to offer the sights, sounds, and smells of Medieval England in the wilds of rural Washington.

Tucked in a scenic clearing in the forest, Camlann Medieval Village is a child friendly tourist trap with an old fashioned bent that is popular with families and school groups alike. In this loosely recreated 14th century village, actors portraying different medieval archetypes mingle among modern day visitors, telling them about life in the fictitious village. There are daily demonstrations of 14th century trades, including archery, candle-making, spinning, artwork, clothing design and the ever popular blacksmithing. Yearly festivals include Michaelmasse, St. James Fair, the May Festival and the Harvest Festival. These celebrations feature medieval music, story- telling and hearth cooked ploughman’s meals, along with plenty of wine, mead, and muste (spiced juice) to wash the heavy food down.

Visitors can also stuff themselves silly at Ye Bors Hede Inne, the village restaurant. The restaurant serves historically accurate food such as Fenberry Pye (pork, chicken and cranberries), Burbelier de Sangle (roast pork in wild boar sauce), and Blamanger (rice, chicks, sugar and spice). Traditional cutlery is used and meal time traditions are observed. Entertainments are provided throughout the meal. There are also numerous craft shops where you can rent medieval costumes for the day, buy historic books, and imbibe freshly crushed apple cider.

The Bors Hede is open year round, while the Village is open on weekends May-September. It is the perfect place to cast off your 21st century self and be a (medieval) queen or king for the day.

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