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Bomanjee Hormarjee Wadia Clock Tower

A heritage structure designed in 1882 honors a Parsi philanthropist. 


Fort is a business district in Mumbai, it is also a place full of historical gems. On every street there is a story to tell, from plaques to historical sites, one can wander around the streets and never get bored. 

As visitors walk south along Perin Nariman Street, the clock tower comes into view. It was erected in 1882 in memory of Bomanjee Hormarjee Wadia, a Parsi philanthropist who contributed to education in the city.

The architecture of the clock tower is Persian with cuneiform inscriptions on all sides. The structure was recently restored in 2017 and a fence now protects the tower on all sides. 

The tower is a beautiful structure and a reminder of a bygone era—a piece of history in the middle of the high rises.

Know Before You Go

The clock tower stands at the spot where Perin Nariman Street meets Sir Phirozshah Mehta Road.

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