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This cafe offers a curated collection of treats and tipples made by monks and nuns. 

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Within Barcelona’s medieval Jewish quarter, a cafe provides a treasure trove of delicacies made in monasteries all around Europe.

At Caelum (“heaven” in Latin), visitors can indulge in an array of pastries, confections, drinks, and other delights distinguished by their monastic associations. While the shop itself isn’t a religious institution, its owners have accumulated a range of delicacies, including traditional egg yolk candy, Trappist beers, and a decadent custard known as “bacon from heaven,” all made in monasteries and convents.

The ground floor houses a cafe and store, your standard romantic setting for afternoon tea. A trip down to the basement, however, reveals a piece of medieval history: the remains of the quarter’s public baths. What better way to appreciate cakes invented centuries ago than surrounded by stone walls, flickering candles, and vaulted ceilings straight out of the Middle Ages? To maximize the experience, bring along a macabre delight such as nun-made Saint’s Bones to pair with monk-made Green Chartreuse liqueur.

Know Before You Go

Caelum is open from 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. every day. And, yes, that includes Sundays.

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