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Chapel of the Holy Cross

A spiritual vortex among the red rocks in Sedona. 


Although the 90-foot cross on its facade makes the Chapel of the Holy Cross a distinctly Christian monument, visitors without an interest in religion often describe their trek up the red rocks as a spiritual event.

The Chapel is located in the heart of what many describe as a vortex bringing gratitude to those who flock there. Sedona itself is well known to many for its connection to new-age mysticism and the purported energy vortices on the outskirts of the city. Despite this connection, the Chapel itself was actually built by a devout student of Frank Lloyd Wright named Marguerite Brunswig Staude in 1956. Staude wanted to create a lasting tribute to her religious beliefs, and was so taken with the beauty of Sedona that she began work on the Chapel.

Tucked between massive red boulders, the Chapel is more widely known as one of America’s manmade wonders. The sunlight streaming through the windows is likely to make any visitor appreciate the glory of nature and man’s ability to harness that power to create beauty in the desert. Even for those without a religious connection, the massive Chapel overlooking the arid horizon is picturesque enough to make the trip worthwhile.

Know Before You Go

It's accessible by car from Uptown Sedona. There are no public restrooms. The chapel is closed on Christmas and Easter.

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